Sathya Sai Education Programme Course 1 - Module 2B 5th and 6th 11-2016

On 5th  and 6th  November 2016,  in the beautiful  building of  the Mother Sai House in Varallo Pombia (No), we completed module 2B of the Introductory Course 1 on Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, organized by the ISSE-SE Italy. The seminar was conducted by George Bebedelis, Director of ISSE-SE and five Italian facilitators.

The programme of this module was rich in its contents and very inspiring in the methodology used. We could deepen one of the fundamental principles of Sathya Sai Education concerning  "the unity of head, heart and hands - 3HV", important in a teacher’s  inner process of growth and transformation in order to activate an educational relationship from heart to heart and "awaken" human values in students.

We  completed the knowledge of the 5 techniques  by means of  "Story Telling”", "Group activities" and other compatible techniques including "Art and Human Values" and "Yoga and Human Values",  which can be implemented in the approach of the Sathya Sai integral education.  Information was also provided on the importance of programming and on how to structure in a suitable way "Lesson plans in educational settings" by using the 5 techniques  appropriately integrated with one another. The topics that were dealt with made it possible to realize  a very engaging, creative and dynamic workshop.  An integrated methodology was adopted  by providing moments of study and magnificent practical workshops meant  to develop a greater awareness through personal experience.

All the participants appreciated their involvement in storytelling, the educational games in the  group activities and the creative  activities in which everyone had the opportunity to express their talents and their own inner beauty by experimenting painting techniques.  
Participants The seminar was attended by a total of 31 trainees and 6 listeners interested in learning and deepening some aspects of Education in Human Values. The group of 31 trainees consisted of:

  • 14 participants who started their training in 2015 with the 3rd edition of the course on Sathya Sai Education in Human Values
  • 9 participants who started their training in 2010 - 2nd edition of the course
  • 8 senior participants who began their training in 2001 and are either providing support and collaboration in the organization of the seminar or are developing projects in order to obtain the Standard Diploma.  

Evaluation The evaluation questionnaires collected at the end of the training activities have shown a high level of appreciation. The participants enjoyed  the topics, which fulfilled their  expectations, as well as the clarity, the organizational aspect, the quality of the speakers. In particular they  enjoyed the experiential activities and the perception of the climate of love, serenity, enthusiasm and cooperation during the seminar. It is always a great joy to be able to attend the ISSE-SE seminars and a high moment of inspiration, reflection and a great opportunity to continue the process of growth and continuous transformation, both as  individuals and as a group.  

Next seminar Module 3 of the first introductory course will take place on 11th and 12th  March 2017. 

ISSE-SE Italy 2016

Fabiana Laruccia, referent of Italy


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