At a four days yoga and meditation retreat organised by the Sivananda Centre in Israel, two long and extensive key talks were given, offered as officially representing the SSIO and the ISSE SE. 

The subject of the first lecture was Education in Human Values: “Philosophy, Psychology and Education to Values: how to understand in depth and transmit Universal Values of Love, Peace, Nonviolence, Truth and Righteousness. 

A presentation focused on the importance of Education in Human Values today, giving an overview of SSEHV, as taught in Course One of the ISSE SE.The topic of the second talk was the Purpose of Life: “The meaning of Living and Dying, according to diverse Philosophical and Spiritual Traditions, and to Spiritual Psychology”.

The participants were greatly appreciative of the subject matter of the talks and felt that they learned a lot from them. Feedback given by the participants and the organisers was very positive.

More than 100 participants were present.Books of the Meditation of Light for children “Look into Yourself” in Hebrew were purchased, some were donated for the library of their Centre.

The location was very meaningful, being the main and best-known symbol of a centre and school for peace and coexistence in Israel: Neve Shalom means Oasis of Peace. It is an intentional community jointly established by Jewish and Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel, located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 

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